Two weeks remain in legislative session but number of bills still growing

Only two more weeks remain in this year’s general legislative session and yet we have another batch of new education bills to add to our legislation to watch list (located on the right-hand side of the home page). These new bills bring the total number of education related legislation we’re watching to 87.

The new batch of bills includes:

  • H.B. 123 K-12 Education Amendments, by Rep. Ken Sumsion (R-American Fork), changes how public education funding is distributed from the current weighted pupil unit to a per-pupil allocation. The bill also changes local school board elections.
  • H.B. 267 Sub. 1 Public Body Rules of Procedure, by Rep. Melvin Brown (R-Coalville), requires local school boards, among other public bodies and political subdivisions, to adopt rules of order and procedures.
  • H.B. 322  Restoration of American Heritage Curriculum Act, by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom (R-Orem), creates a seven-member advisory board under the Utah State Board of Education to design a K-12 constitutional studies curriculum that includes specific American documents and events; requires the displaying of the nation’s motto “In God we Trust;” and teaching Utah students every year about the role of religion in founding America, among other changes.
  • S.B. 78 Public School Early Graduation Counseling, by Sen. Chris Buttars (R-West Jordan), requires a public school to notify parents of early graduation requirements.
  • S.B. 256 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation Process, by Sen. Stuart Adams (R-Layton), requires all schools to create an educator evaluation program and implement annual reviews. Under the bill, 40 percent of the evaluation must be based on student learning gains, 40 percent on instructional quality and 20 percent on parent, student or community satisfaction.

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