Utah Superintendent Visits Ed-Tech Classrooms

May 10, 2011

Contact: Rick Gaisford, Educational Technology Specialist, Utah State Office of Education, Rick.Gaisford@schools.utah.gov, 801-538-7798

Utah Superintendent Visits Ed-Tech Classrooms

SALT LAKE CITY – Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway will be visiting a Murray kindergarten class and a Salt Lake City high school that are using mobile devices in the classroom. The visits tomorrow, May 11, are an opportunity to see the implementation of one of the Superintendent’s 2011 Innovation Grant Awards and a $1 million, school wide adoption of 1,700 iPods, funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (federal stimulus) funds.

“Most of Utah’s public school students are ‘digital natives.’ They were born after the advent of the Internet changed how we work, live and learn and, more often than not, are adept users of computers, gaming systems and mobile devices,” Superintendent Shumway says. “This fundamental shift in our culture is an opportunity to harness these students’ innate interest in technology and the teaching power of these 21st Century tools. That’s why we are currently crafting a statewide education technology initiative to ensure all Utah high school graduates are prepared with the skills they’ll need to succeed in this new and evolving digital landscape.”

In October 2010, the Superintendent invited Utah public schools and districts to apply for grants to fund innovative demonstration projects for using technology in the classroom. More than 400 applications, totaling more than $13 million in requests, were received and reviewed. Seven of these proposals were selected in January to receive grants totaling $375,250.

What: Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway visits a kindergarten class and high school using mobile devices.

Who: One-on-one interview opportunities with Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway, education technology specialists, teachers and kindergarten and high school students using iPods and iPads in a classroom setting.


Jennifer Lightfoot’s Kindergarten class
Viewmont Elementary School (Murray City School District)
745 West 5720 South (Anderson Avenue)
Murray, UT 84123

Kearns High School (Granite School District)
5525 South Cougar Lane (4800 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84118

When: Wednesday, May 11, 2011
9 to 9:30 a.m. at Viewmont Elementary School
10-11:30 a.m. at Kearns High School


The 2011 recipients of the State Superintendent Innovation Grant Awards are:

Jennifer Lightfoot, Kindergarten teacher, Viewmont Elementary, Murray School District:
Ms. Lightfoot received $16,035.73 to create and implement individualized digital literacy and numeracy centers for kindergarten students. The program will allow students to experience a lesson or objective multiple times in a variety of ways suited to individual learner needs.

Alpine Elementary and Traverse Mountain Elementary, Alpine School District:
Alpine Elementary and Traverse Mountain Elementary received $43,532. The two schools will incorporate a cross-school initiative where general and special education students will share, edit, compare and practice literacy and numeracy skills. The students and teachers will collaborate on specific core objectives using technology. Parents will be able to view progress and apply the same technology at home for homework practice and engagement.

Parkside Elementary School, Murray School District:
Parkside Elementary received $50,000 to create a teacher-specific podcast library of quality instruction demonstrated by effective teachers in language arts, mathematics and science. The videos will be accompanied by educationally relevant applications. The videos can be used by teachers who wish to view an exceptional lesson or by students for independent review and study. The podcasts will also be available for parents to use at home.

Piute High School, Piute County School District:
Piute County School District received $43,000. Piute High School will use the grant to enable teachers in a rural setting to re-design and transform their classrooms into 21st century learner environments. Using extensive professional development and additional funds from the district, students in ninth grade will be provided with tools and lessons based on a new, innovative, technology-driven delivery system. Piute will ensure the project’s continuance by purchasing additional technology every year for the next 4 years until all students have 1:1 access to learning.

Canyons School District:
Canyons School District received $48,120 to support data-based decision making for students at risk for academic failure. Instructional coaches and intervention assistants will use technology to keep dynamic assessment data, provide immediate feedback to students and to adjust instruction. Video observations will also be recorded by coaches to provide feedback to teachers on instructional delivery.

Iron County School District and Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC):
Iron County and SEDC received $24,563 in a collaborative effort to provide professional development and classroom technology focused on enhancing mathematical instruction for at-risk and low-performing students through the use of Technology Engaged Activities for Math (TEAM). The project will focus on third grade students at three elementary schools. The goal of the project is to use technology to teach and practice fundamental arithmetic operations specific to all standards in the new mathematics core.

Jordan School District:
Jordan School District received $150,000. Jordan will use the funds in partnership with the Utah Education Network (UEN) to develop media-rich, on-line core professional development modules, develop and pilot a ninth grade mathematics electronic textbook and share deliverables statewide. The project will ensure that students and teachers will have a smooth technology-integrated transition from the old to the new core and will create resources that can be used in schools throughout the state.


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