Superintendent Shumway congratulates the Class of 2011

Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway congratulates the graduating Class of 2011 in a new video posted on the Utah Public Education YouTube channel. In it, the Superintendent advises the graduates to make sure high school isn’t the end of their education.

“I encourage you all to be lifelong learners. Never consider any path closed to you,” Shumway says. “If a college or career training is not in your immediate future, the opportunity will almost certainly come to you further down the line. My advice to you is to take it.”

 The Superintendent also urges the graduates to participate in civic society. Civics isn’t just a class in high school, he says, it’s a responsibility they now hold. 

“Be an informed citizen, vote your conscience and make a difference. It’s part of our collective obligation to perpetuate the principles of free government that are established in our state constitution,” he says. “Many people you’ve never met helped pay for your education. I hope you’ll feel an obligation to engage with the society that helped pay for your schooling.”


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1 comment to Superintendent Shumway congratulates the Class of 2011

  • Dixie Allen

    Thank you Superintendent Shumway for a wonderful message to the youth of our state. As a State School Board Member, I am grateful to you for reminding our graduates that this is a time to celebrate, but just the beginning of their educational journey. I am sure all State Board members join with you in celebrating our student’s success and best wishes for continued success in their life long journey of learning, serving and being a contributing member of this great country.

    Dixie Allen, Vice-Chair, Utah State Board of Education