Focusing on Utah’s lowest performing schools

As the Utah State Office of Education’s Equity in Action Conference gets underway today and tomorrow, Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumwway says in a new video address that we have a moral obligation to turn around the state’s lowest performing schools.

“We know that all students aren’t equal; students come with different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different home situations, different financial circumstances,” he says. “But none of those should stand in the way of us ensuring that every child has an equitable opportunity, a fair opportunity, that with the appropriate effort, students can get over the bar that we set for them.”

Educators and parents from across the state are meeting today and tomorrow at the University of Utah to discuss educational equity in Utah’s schools at the Utah State Office of Education’s Equity in Action Conference. “Equity: The Cornerstone of a Quality Education for All,” is being held today and tomorrow. The conference focuses on the policies, practices and programs necessary to create equitable and excellent schools. It addresses ways to reduce and eventually eliminate achievement gaps through establishing systemic equity. 

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