Restoring MESA Funding State Board Priority

MESA Utah Video_"Restoring MESA Funding State Board Priority"

In the 2011 legislative session, Utah lawmakers cut an $8 million line item in the public education budget that funds programs for at-risk students. This line item included funding for MESA Utah

MESA stands for Math Engineering Science Achievement. The purpose of MESA is to increase the number of under-served ethnic minority and female students who pursue coursework, advanced study and careers in the fields of mathematics, engineering and science.

In October, 2011, the Utah State Board of Education prioritized restoration of this line item to once again earmark funds for programs like MESA that help at-risk students. Highly Impacted Schools and English Language Literacy Centers are the other two programs that would benefit from the restoration of this $8 million line item.

How does MESA affect Utah students? Watch this video to find out:


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