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Steven Shumway and his parents meet to create his college and career plan, SEOP

Steven Shumway

Steven Shumway has had his SEOP meeting with his parents.* How About YOU?

The parent-student meeting with a school counselor is a key activity that is part of the individual planning component of the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program (CCGP). Sometimes referenced as an “opportunity to celebrate the student,” the focus is definitely on you and the progress you’re making toward your education and occupation goals.

Prior to the meeting with your parents, you will have had opportunities to establish future goals and develop future plans. Your counselor and others will have helped you understand the connection between your high school program of study and opportunities beyond high school.

The meeting with parents is a chance to share your goals and to discuss some topics related to plans you are making, such as:

Steven Shumway and his parents meet with Mr. Moreno to create his college and career plan, called an SEOP

Steven Shumway and his parents meet with Mr. Moreno to create his college and career plan, called an SEOP

  • Test Scores
  • Progress toward high school graduation
  • Career development and decision-making
  • Four- or six-year plans
  • Career interest inventories
  • Occupational information
  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • Financial aid
  • College selection

Find out when your SEOP meeting is scheduled, and take advantage of the time to celebrate your achievements! If you have a favorite “SEOP moment” to share, please email us at We would love to highlight your experience, too!

* Larry K. Shumway, Ed.D., State Superintendent of Public Instruction
* Mary Shumway, State Director of Career and Technical Education

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