Education News Roundup for January 31, 2012

empty desks in a computer lab

Today’s Top Picks: House passes education’s base budget. Sens. Hillyard and Van Tassell discuss base budgets. Rep. Dougall wants to cut income tax (the primary funder of public schools in Utah) and says tweaks from cuts will benefit education. House passes computer-adaptive testing bill. Standard features a Chinese teacher in Davis County. What’s the deal with tests anyway? Ed Department critiques NCLB waivers. And, newsflash, Roman numerals are Greek to today’s kids. Links to these stories and many more are in the Educaiton News Roundup for January 31. . . . → Read More

Fitness Matters, Wellness Works! Superintendent’s Challenge Events

Photo of the feet of a group of runners and walkers on an asphalt road

Utah State Superintendent Larry K. Shumway is challenging all members of the state‚Äôs educational community to get active and fit during this school year. In this edition of Fitness Matters, Wellness Works!, learn more about three events planned for educators in conjunction with the Superintendent’s Fitness Challenge. . . . → Read More