Legislative Green Light, Red Light: What passed and what didn’t in the 2012 Legislative Session

Green Light/Stephen Gayer/CC/flickr

Green Light/Stephen Gayer/CC/flickr

What eduction proposals passed this legislative session? Getting the green light were 34 House bills, 26 Senate Bills and one “tax related” House bill. What hit a red light? There were 46 House education proposals that failed this session and 19 in the Senate didn’t make it through. Additionally, four tax-related education proposals failed (three in the House and one in the Senate). Some bills never did make it past go. In end, there remained 17 House and 8 Senate education proposals that were opened and numbered but never fleshed out with text.

Green Light: 61 Education Bills Pass

House Bills and Resolutions

Senate Bills and Resolutions

Tax-Related Education Bills


Red Light: 69 Education Bills Fail

House Bills and Resolutions

Senate Bills and Resolutions

Tax-Related Education Bills

28 “Boxcar” Bills Left Behind

House Boxcars

Senate Boxcars

* Utah State Board of Education Position

* Green = Support

* Light Green = Support the Concept

* Yellow = Hold for further Study

* Orange = Recommend for Interim Study

* Red = Oppose

* Purple = Unnecessary

* Light Blue = Watch

* Blue = No Position

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