Education News Roundup for March 21, 2012

Education News Roundup_"Twitter Profile" by Rosaura Ochoa/CC/flickr

Today’s top picks: Rep. Wright thinks abstinence-only is still a good idea. In a ‘signs of the impending apocalypse update,’ the Provo Herald and Tooele Transcript Bulletin agreed editorially with the Salt Lake Tribune in the sex-ed bill veto. Eureka students protest decision to let principal go. Politic It checks the Twitter traffic on the Governor’s veto. Schools get ready for a shift to a greater emphasis on informational texts (as opposed to fiction or literature). And you’d have thought the whole John Scopes thing would have put Tennessee off on wading further into the evolution debate, but it appears not. Links to these and other stories in today’s Education News Roundup. (Tennessean) . . . → Read More

Prevention Dimensions Kids’ Day with the Salt Lake Bees Scheduled for May 15

Salt Lake City Bees Mascott and students at Spring Mobile Ballpark for Prevention Dimensions Kids Day 2011

Thousands of fourth, fifth and sixth graders are signed up to attend the annual Prevention Dimensions Kids’ Day baseball game with the Salt Lake Bees at Spring Mobile Ballpark Stadium (formerly Franklin Covey Field) in Salt Lake City. This fun day supports the lessons taught in Utah’s Prevention Dimensions program. This year’s event takes place Tuesday, May 15th. . . . → Read More