Education News Roundup for March 23, 2012

Education News Roundup_"The Hunger Games series" by michi003/CC/flickr

Today’s top picks: Public education takes on the role of Avis in the latest Utah Foundation report on top issues for Utahns. Utah’s dual immersion programs get some national attention. Career mapping is all the rage. Strike that. Dystopian literature like “The Hunger Games” is all the rage. No. Strike that, too. “Green Eggs and Ham” is actually still all the rage. And nobody is nobody else’s BFF in these schools. Links to these stories and many more are in today’s Enducation News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup for March 22, 2012

Education News Roundup_"Studying Math" by scui3asteveo/CC/flickr

Today’s top picks: Lt. Gov. Bell wants more students studying engineering. Thought the coverage of the sex-ed bill veto was over? Ha. Will Nevada adopt the ACT as a high school exit exam? Football, basketball, baseball and … bass fishing? Links to those stories and many more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More