Tooele Junior High, a School to Watch

Honoring Tooele Junior High as School to Watch

From left to right: Tooele Jr. High School data expert Garrett Bryant; Tooele Jr. High Principal Larry Abraham; Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway; Utah State Board of Education Vice Chair Dixie Allen; English Dept. Chair Tamra Crookston; Math Dept. Chair Lisa Johnson; Counselor Karen Bitters

Their school motto is: “Every Student Will Learn.” And they work at living up to their motto every day. Tooele Junior High is this year’s new School to Watch, a designation that is given to middle schools across the nation that meet the strict criteria of being academically excellent, developmentally responsive, and socially equitable.

Their school motto is: “Every Student Will Learn.” And they work at living up to their motto every day.

To achieve the great things that have earned them this honor, the 814 Roadrunners and their fine administrators and instructors have implemented some changes over the last three years. First, they created Professional Learning Communities (PLC), under the direction of district leadership. The various teams’ focus is divided into different categories, including leadership, Schools to Watch, UBI, grade level, departmental, and interdisciplinary subjects. Tooele Junior High receives a great deal of support from their district leadership in providing time for the PLC s to meet and improve their efficiency. Time is also provided for the students to receive additional instruction and extended time, as necessary, to help them achieve mastery of the curriculum

The result of this extra effort and care is that their school is number one in student growth, compared to fifteen other schools of similar size and demographics. Students score above state averages on both Language Arts and Math CRTs, and meet or exceed the district averages. The Tooele Junior High faculty is committed to holding students to high expectations and having every student take ownership of their own learning, in order to become successful lifelong learners.

Please join me in congratulating them for earning the Schools to Watch designation.

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