A CTE Pathway that Suits You

Technical Support

Computers are so important in our everyday lives. We use computers throughout the day to do everything from communicating with colleagues, family and friends, to researching a topic, to composing a letter, to creating a spreadsheet, to reading the news. Did you ever stop to think who makes all of this possible? . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Sept. 25, 2012

"Kindergarten..." by SFA Union City/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: KSL takes a look at the Common Core. Is your kindergartener on track to succeed in college or at a career? There’s a standardized test for that. How does the school nurse’s role change in an era when nearly one out of five children are obese? Roy Junior High honors custodian who lost battle with cancer. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Sept. 25. . . . → Read More

Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee Meeting

photo collage of minority students

The Utah State Board of Education Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee (CMAC) will meet Sept. 27 at the Office of Education from noon to 2 p.m. On the agenda, a report on the Civil Rights Data Collection Process and a report from Chairman Ike Spencer on MESA funding restoration and State Board’s ranking of At-risk funding. . . . → Read More