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"Old School" by Steve Nakatani/CC/flickr

“Old School” by Steve Nakatani/CC/flickr

Utah State Office of Education Digital Books for secondary English Language Arts are available on the Utah Education Network website: or .

These resources are free and available to anyone. The student’s edition will include a wide range of complex informational texts by grades: six through eight; nine through ten; and eleven through twelve.

These texts have been assessed by teacher teams for text complexity by using both quantitative lexile level and qualitative criteria.

The purpose of the USOE Digital Books is to ensure that teachers and students have access to a wide range of texts. For the 2012-2013 academic year, this edition is focusing on INFORMATIONAL and LITERARY NON-FICTION.

USOE Digital Books for secondary English Language Arts are a supplemental DIGITAL resource that will be developed and expanded each year.
USOE Digital Books for secondary English Language Arts:

  • ARE NOT intended to take the place of novels or other literary genres that are taught at each grade level based on local district and school resources and criteria.
  •  ARE NOT curriculum.
  •  DO NOT currently align to any English course or take the place of a textbook used in schools for literary texts.

The Teacher’s Edition includes added resources to better support educators as they analyze their current instructional lesson design and adjust teaching to the expectations for more rigorous standards of student performance and cognitive rigor based on the learning needs of the students.
Another goal is to redirect resources used to purchase traditional textbooks so that teachers and students will have access to a wide range of instructional materials in a digital format.

Teachers can use whatever is helpful for them in designing the kind of instruction that will increase each student’s capacity to read increasingly complex texts and apply that understanding to writing, specifically argument and expository writing.

Dr. Christelle Estrada, Ph.D. is a Secondary Language Arts Specialist for the Utah State Office of Education.

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