Digital Learning Webinar

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One of the resources the Utah State Office of Education supports for teachers is the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) digital library of resources. This is a great resource for those who are developing curriculum or selecting available curricular items for their classrooms. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Oct. 31, 2012

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In today’s ENR: Trib looks at property taxes including those from school districts. Park Record jumps into the PTA-PTO debate. D-News covers the Women in Education Summit. What are the health implications of keeping schools open or closing them during flu outbreaks? California couple indicted on charges of planting Vicodin, Percocet, marijuana, and a used marijuana pipe on their son’s teacher. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Oct. 31. . . . → Read More

The Real Halloween Scare

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

The election has nearly arrived. Thank heavens! I suspect that you and I are alike–glad the election season is coming to a conclusion. Some parts of our election process are very helpful. Focus is placed on issues which need to be debated. The spotlight is aimed on our leaders and potential leaders; we get to know them better. Most importantly, we are able to express our feelings when we vote! . . . → Read More