Utah History Fair 2012-2013

"History Day 2012 074" by WCN247/CC/flickr

The Utah History Fair, Utah’s National History Day affiliate, (www.nhd.org ), has helped tens of thousands of Utah’s students, grades 4-12, learn, experience, and enjoy history since 1980. The Utah History Fair encourages participating students to explore an area of history that reflects their curiosity, locality, and/or heritage; students often research and present topics that reflect their personality. Students then create an entry in a category of their choice. . . . → Read More

Spy Hop Institute for Teachers

"Camera" by Bionicteaching/CC/flickr

Spy Hop Institute for Teachers is offering a free workshop on “Digital Storytelling and Filmmaking in the Classroom.” . . . → Read More

CTE Graphic Design Contest

Graphic designed by Natalie Davis of Syracuse High School

Utah junior high and high school students are invited to design the graphic for a summer conference for Utah educators. . . . → Read More

A Moment of Silence

"In Memory..." by Babasteve/CC/flickr

Here’s a copy of Gov. Gary Herbert’s news release asking Utahns to join others in moment of silence in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Dec. 20, 2012

In today’s ENR: Note: This will be the last news roundup of 2012 … unless the Mayan zombie apocalypse (http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html) occurs on Friday, in which case this will be the last news roundup, period. ENR wishes you all a joyous holiday of your choosing. He is off to his cave on Mount Crumpit to practice his “bah, humbugs” and hibernate until 2013. The roundup — apocalypse notwithstanding — will return Jan. 2. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Dec. 19, 2012

"Change Begins Here" by Self-portrait Girl/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: Rep. Oda offers a solution to school violence. There will be a public memorial for Emilie Parker. Teen suicide discussed in Jordan. House GOP caucus discusses Connecticut shooting. Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham discusses NAEP. Reuters has a long and interesting series on the decline of America’s great equalizer: Education. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Dec. 19, 2012. . . . → Read More

Coalition of Minorities Advisory Agenda

photo collage of minority students

The Utah State Board of Education Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee (CMAC) will meet Dec. 20 at the Utah State Office of Education from noon to 2 p.m. Items on the agenda include State and LEA efforts regarding bullying and new appointments to the board. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Dec. 18, 2012

"Forgotten Future" by Much0's/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: Much of today’s roundup centers on the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting and its effects nationally and in Utah. ENR will continue to track these stories but only so far as they touch on the hallmark of this news aggregation: schools and education policy. Articles and commentary that are primarily directed solely at gun control or gun control and mental illness won’t be tracked (the exception is for today’s Washington Post piece (http://goo.gl/ehrHL) following up on Rep. Chaffetz and his comments on gun control. It is included as a second-day piece to something carried in yesterday’s roundup. The gun control policy debate in today’s Education Week (http://goo.gl/CgZYm) is also included since Education Secretary Arne Duncan is part of the President’s team taking part in the discussion. You will find reports and commentary dealing with reactions to the shooting including arming teachers or creating gun-free zones in schools. ENR deems these to be on-topic. . . . → Read More

Have a Question? Ask a Specialist

20120907-FNS-LSC-0256 by USDAgov/CC/flickr

Food service directors, have you ever wanted to talk to your Child Nutrition Program (CNP) specialist face to face, without the concern of corrective action or the worry that something will need to be fixed right now? . . . → Read More