Spy Hop Institute for Teachers

"Camera" by Bionicteaching/CC/flickr

“Camera” by Bionicteaching/CC/flickr

Digital Storytelling
and Filmmaking in the Classroom

Spy Hop Institute for Teachers is offering a free workshop for teachers, specialists, and administrators in February. You must register by Jan. 11. For more details go  to http://www.shiftworkshops.org/workshops/ .


Workshop Description
SHIFT (Spy Hop Institute For Teachers) is bringing their professional development training to the Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City on February 7th -9th. This free, hands-on workshop teaches educators how to integrate filmmaking and digital storytelling into core content instruction.

Join us to:

  • Discover how to use the filmmaking process in the classroom to engage students, and increase academic achievement;
  • Receive standards-linked, media rich lesson plans;
  • Revitalize your teaching practice.

Details about this exciting professional development and SHIFT can be found online at www.shiftworkshops.org. For interested parties, registration forms have also been included here and are due by Friday, Jan. 11. All workshop curriculum and tuition costs have been covered by generous grants from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and Art Works For Kids.

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