Utah’s Public Education Facts

Indian Hills Elementary School Playground Map of UtahCheck out these Utah’s public education facts from the Utah State Office of Education.

Statewide Quick Facts 2012-2013

  • Value of WPU: $2,842 except for Special Ed Add-On and CTE @ $2,607
  • Total Number of WPUs: 773,104
  • Total Expected Number of Students: 600,155
  • Basic Tax Rate: (Actual) 0.001651 to Generate $289,021,900
  • Voted/Board Leeway Guarantee $27.36 per WPU per 0.0001 Tax Rate
  • Total Minimum School Program: $3,026,023,300
  • Total Capital Outaly for District Facilities: $14,499,700
  • Charter School In-Lieu of Local Tax Per Student: $1,710
  • Retirement Rate: Contributory 20.27% Non-Contributonry 20.26%
  • Number of School Districts: 41
  • Number of Charter Schools: 85

You can also read the 2011-12 Annual Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction at http://www.schools.utah.gov/data/Superintendent-s-Annual-Report.aspx . For a summary of statistics and financial information, go to http://www.schools.utah.gov/data/Superintendents-Annual-Report/AR-2011-2012.aspx

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