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"Laptop Keyboard" by Baddog/CC/flickr

“Laptop Keyboard” by Baddog/CC/flickr

As we continue to develop online, endorsement courses for social studies teachers, and as we continue to fine-tune the existing courses, we continue to look for people interested in working on this project.

Here is an online course development proposal survey where you can indicate your interest and the hourly rate you would expect for this work.

For those of you who have completed this survey in the past, please know that your interest has been noted and that everyone who indicates interest will be considered for future projects. So if you have already indicated interest, you do not need to do so again. However, there are additional courses that you may find of interest.

Here are the courses currently being considered for development, or which will be tuned:

US History I World Civ I
US History II World Civ II
Specialized History (A History Elective Course) Utah Geography
Physical Geography Sociology
Economics I Anthropology
Economics II Secondary Methods
Utah History Bringing the World to the Classroom
Human Geography Implementing the New Literacy Standards
Elementary Methods Specialized Geography (A Geography Elective)

If there are other course ideas that you think Utah teachers would benefit from, please make a proposal. I welcome your ideas and initiative.

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