Education News Roundup: Feb.1, 2013

Liberty Bell replica at Utah Capitol

In today’s ENR: Legislature begins looking at the education budget. Should more of the budget be decided at the school level? Davis District resolves the “In Our Mothers’ House” issue. USA Today looks at standardized testing pushback. Bad news: New rules are out on school snacks. Good news: Hey, at least they don’t have to crack down on Twinkies and Ho Hos. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Feb. 1. . . . → Read More

Utah 2013 Legislative Session, Week 1

Field trip to the Utah Capitol

Here’s a status summary of some of the public education-related bills discussed in the first week of the 2013 session of the Utah State Legislature. . . . → Read More

Q&A: Guns on School Property

Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Q & A

The Utah State Office of Education’s legal team answers your questions about Utah’s public education system here on Fridays. January’s questions and answers are from a recent discussion with district superintendents and student services directors about teachers’, employees’ and school visitors’ rights to have guns on school property. The answers are specific to Utah law. . . . → Read More