List of Boxcar Bills

Utah Legislature and Education

Utah Legislature and Education


Here’s the latest list of boxcar bills. These are essentially placeholder bills without any publicly-available information. It shows that a legislator is thinking about a measure and may place it before the Legislature, but, at the moment, it is early in process.


2013FL0027 Osmond, A. Results-based Financing for Early Childhood EDUCATION
2013FL0030 Osmond, A. School Property Tax Funding
2013FL0107 Stephenson, H. School Management Amendments
2013FL0141 Stephenson, H. Utah Futures Amendments
2013FL0187 Stephenson, H. Dropout Reduction Strategy Amendments
2013FL0200 Ray, P. Drug Abuse Resistance EDUCATION Amendments
2013FL0356 Stephenson, H. Establishment of Charter Schools Amendments
2013FL0357 Urquhart, S. Board of EDUCATION Elections Amendments
2013FL0362 Briscoe, J. Chronic Truancy Amendments
2013FL0378 Valentine, J. Parental Permission for EDUCATIONal Research
2013FL0382 Stephenson, H. Textbook Purchasing Amendments
2013FL0383 Stephenson, H. Math Literacy – STEM Initiative
2013FL0384 Adams, J. S. Personalized Educator Evaluation Technology
2013FL0433 Hinkins, D. Miner’s Hospital Grants Amendments
2013FL0436 Hughes, G. Competency-Based EDUCATION Through Computer Adaptive Testing
2013FL0451 Stephenson, H. Career and Technical EDUCATION Funding Model Amendments
2013FL0477 Osmond, A. Digital Safety EDUCATION
2013FL0484 McIff, K. Snow College Economic Development and Workforce Preparation Advisory Committee
2013FL0485 Urquhart, S. EDUCATIONal Technology Infrastructure
2013FL0513 Perry, L. School Land Trust Program Amendments
2013FL0569 Stephenson, H. Student Assessment Amendments
2013FL0580 Stevenson, J. Higher EDUCATION Amendments
2013FL0618 Powell, K. State School Board Nomination Revisions
2013FL0625 Peterson, V. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Action Center
2013FL0639 McCay, D. EDUCATION Revisions
2013FL0642 McCay, D. EDUCATION Liability Amendments
2013FL0655 Anderson, Johnny Public EDUCATION Funding Provisions
2013FL0665 Eliason, S. Youth Suicide Prevention Program
2013FL0666 Stephenson, H. Student-centered Learning Pilot Program
2013FL0689 McIff, K. Small School Funding
2013FL0696 Moss, C. Anti-bullying Pilot Program
2013FL0714 Brown, M. Public EDUCATION Budget Amendments
2013FL0725 Hillyard, L. Current School Year Supplemental Public EDUCATION Budget Amendments
2013FL0728 Hillyard, L. State Agency and Higher EDUCATION Compensation Appropriations
2013FL0770 Adams, J. S. School Grading Amendments
2013FL0771 Robles, L. Youth Suicide Prevention Revisions
2013FL0772 Robles, L. After School Program Amendments
2013FL0785 Knotwell, J. Dyslexia Screening Amendments
2013FL0791 Stephenson, H. Reading Assessment Amendments
2013FL0816 Froerer, G. Parental Notification of Bullying
2013FL0827 Hughes, G. Proficiency Learning Pilot Program
2013FL0844 Brown, D. Expanding Access for Sixth Graders to Secondary EDUCATION
2013FL0845 Okerlund, R. Assessment and Reporting of Student Performance
2013FL0859 Nielson, J. Collection of Frontline Teachers Data
2013FL0869 Eliason, S. Public EDUCATION Post Retirement Benefit Restrictions
2013FL0897 Jones, P. Continuing Medical EDUCATION for Prescription Drugs
2013FL0907 Reid, S. Public EDUCATION Governance and Election Amendments
2013FL0919 Hughes, G. Statutory Requirements for Charter School Application
2013FL0920 Hughes, G. Distribution of School Trust Lands Funds for Charter Schools
2013FL0933 Stevenson, J. Student Progress Portal Amendments
2013FL0937 Edwards, R. Classroom Size Revisions
2013FL0945 Knudson, P. Nursing EDUCATION Amendments
2013FL0947 Moss, C. Parent Rights to Information Regarding Teachers
2013FL0954 Menlove, R. Interpreter Services for the Hearing Impaired Amendments
2013FL0962 Adams, J. S. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Amendments
2013FL0965 Hemingway, L. Identifier for Military Children in Public Schools
2013FL0988 Ray, P. Continuing EDUCATION for Massage Therapists
2013FL0993 Osmond, A. Grants for Personal Student Computing Devices
2013FL1010 Stephenson, H. Amendments to Voted and Board Levy Guarantees
2013FL1016 Eliason, S. College and Career Readiness Assessments
2013FL1023 Stephenson, H. Charter School Funding Amendments
2013FL1051 Osmond, A. Third Grade Proficiency Completion – Remediation Requirements Task Force
2013FL1067 Greene, B. Common Core Opt-out for School Districts
2013FL1075 Bird, J. Classroom Instruction Amendments
2013FL1079 Webb, R. C. School District Consolidation Amendments
2013FL1081 Hinkins, D. Rename Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah
2013FL1085 King, B. Geographic Divisions of School Districts
2013FL1093 Stephenson, H. Statewide Online EDUCATION Program Amendments
2013FL1115 Stevenson, J. EDUCATION Technology Amendments
2013FL1122 Hutchings, E. Online Safety Training for Students
2013FL1127 Eliason, S. Amendments to EDUCATION Funding
2013FL1128 Eliason, S. Public EDUCATION Capitol Hill Visit Funding
2013FL1135 Wilson, B. Charter School Amendments
2013FL1136 Wilson, B. EDUCATIONal Amendments
2013FL1139 Valentine, J. Teacher Support Fund
2013FL1154 Robles, L. Bullying Amendments


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