MESA Day Competition

MESA Day Competition by Paul Ross

MESA Day Competition by Paul Ross

MESA Day Competition Brings out Student Ingenuity

The objective was clear: prevent a few eggs from cracking after being dropped off a second floor balcony.

The hard part was figuring out how to accomplish the task with just a couple dozen straws, construction paper, toilet paper rolls, and masking tape.

It’s not as easy as you may think. In the end, even some of the most promising egg cradle designs turned into crumpled, gooey messes. But others proved to be at least semi-successful in protecting the eggs encased in a plastic cocoon.MESA Day Competition
Down in the basement of the Center, students constructed straw towers and tested paper aeronautical designs.

Just from witnessing some of the events at the MESA Day competition, it’s clear that these students are on a path to a future filled with exciting prospects.

About MESA: The MESA program began over twenty years ago as a partnership between the University of Utah and Granite School District with the purpose of increasing the number of under served ethnic minority and female students who pursue course work, advanced study and possible careers in mathematics, engineering, and science areas. Today, MESA programs can be found in school districts across the state.

Paul A. Ross, Ph.D., is the assistant director of Educational Equity at Granite School District.

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