Parents and Utah Core Standards

Utah Core Standards Fact vs. Fiction ImageAre you a parent wondering what the new Utah Core Standards will mean for you? Here is some information you should know.

  • With the Utah Core Standards, parents will know exactly what their children should learn by the end of each grade level.
  • Establishing clear expectations for students will better enable parents, teachers and students to work together toward shared goals.
  • The Core shifts instructional intent from high school completion to college- and career-readiness for every student.
  • When the standards are fully implemented, parents will see that each grade covers fewer topics, but teaches content in much greater depth.
  • Over the next several years, curriculum and assessments will evolve to align with the Core standards.
  • With the Core, parents can be assured that their students are learning to the same high quality standards as other students in Utah and across the country.

Find more details at the Utah State Office of Education’s Parent Resource page.

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1 comment to Parents and Utah Core Standards

  • Ron Fish

    Can you read Cyrillic? Kanji? Chinese characters? No? HandWRITING is essential to the education of our children. The U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and many historical documents are paramount for our young to read. They need to be able to read the journals of their ancestors and to communicate with currently living people that still use cursive. CURSIVE MUST BE TAUGHT.