Q&A: Suspended Before Graduation?

Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Q & AQ: My son was suspended for the final 9 days of school–but he will still graduate. The school will not allow him to walk in the graduation exercises. We are mad. He is broken-hearted. Is this legal? –Angry Mom

A: Your son’s property right is in the credit he has earned and the diploma. The graduation exercises, though very
important symbolically, are not a “property right.” The school is legally OK to limit participants in graduation to those students who are in good standing at school.


What is UPPAC? UPPAC is a committee of nine educators and two community members charged with maintaining and promoting a high standard of professional conduct and ethics among Utah teachers. It is advisory to the Utah State Board of Education in making recommendations regarding educator licensing and may take appropriate disciplinary action regarding educator misconduct.

For more information about UPPAC or to submit your questions to the UPPAC Q&A, contact William Spiegel at william.spiegel@schools.utah.gov or by phone at 801-538-7500.

Read the UPPAC newsletter, “Utah School Law Update,” for more Utah public education legal news and information.


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