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"Megaphon" by Floeschie/CC/flickr

“Megaphon” by Floeschie/CC/flickr

STEM Pilot Information for Math Teachers

In the 2013 Legislative session, HB 139 was passed which created the STEM Action Center for the State of Utah. This legislation also authorized a pilot program to begin in the 2013-2014 school year. The pilot has two components.

  • The first is to provide education related instructional technology to support mathematics instruction for students in grades sixth to eighth.
  • The second is to support mathematics instruction for secondary students to prepare for college mathematics courses.

The potential list of technologies for the pilot is:

ALEKS Corporation— ALEKS web-based middle school math courses address the span of educational goals for instruction in sixth and eighth grades. The ALEKS high school courses provide comprehensive mathematics instruction for secondary students and help prepare them for college mathematics. This is a complete course that is mastery based, student-centric program that requires open response and active involvement in learning.

Carnegie Learning, Inc.—The Carnegie Learning Math Series is a Common Core math program for grades sixth to eighth. The Carnegie Learning Math Series is available in any of our various solution offerings, including blended curricula, software, and textbook solutions.

EdisonLearning, Inc.—eCourses are online courses offered for grades 6-12 and designed to engage learners. Competency-based eCourses is a guided-path content delivery model ideal for high performing students. Foundation eCourses is designed to ensure that students master the foundation skills and knowledge that are building blocks for upper level courses.

McGraw-Hill School Education LLC—This is a digital mathematics program for middle school and secondary students to prepare them for college math. Glencoe Math is a toolkit designed to support a variety of teaching styles. There is also an intervention math program that focuses on student who are one or more grade levels behind in math.

MIND Research Institute– Through this uniquely visual, non-language-based approach to teaching math — delivered through ST Math instructional software — students across the country will understand math, developing perseverance and problem-solving skills.

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education— Ed-ready is a college readiness system that measures each student for the math readiness required by the college or higher education program they are seeking to enter. The system is adaptive and driven by NROC.

Pearson—Successmaker is a full math curriculum that is highly visual and interactive with detailed reporting. Gradpoint is also a complete math course with targeted activities in an interactive interface for middle school learners.
Scholastic Inc.– Math 180 is an adaptive math intervention program for the common core that empowers students in grades 6 and up to learn the content foundation to Algebra.

Think Through Learning Inc—Think Through Learning is an adaptive web-based system that provides differentiated solutions to help students improve mathematics achievement. Solutions are designed to meet the needs of all students, including at-risk students and English language learners via an integrated live online tutoring methodology.

We realize some school districts are already using or starting to use some of the above mentioned; we would like to evaluate their effectiveness along with a few newer technologies. If you are using one of the above technologies and would be willing to participate in this pilot, please contact STEM Action Center Program Manager Meredith Mannebach at

For the new technologies, we are looking for 1) Sixth-eighth math teachers and or middle schools and 2) high school math teachers that would like to participate in this pilot program. There would be no cost to you or to your school. Teachers will receive training on the technology and students will take periodic assessments.

If you are interested in learning more about the pilot program, the companies and their technologies, please contact the STEM Action Center program manager, Meredith Mannebach,

Meredith Mannebach is program manager for the STEM Action Center.  

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4 comments to STEM Pilot Information

  • I am the superintendent in Piute School District, what can I do to look into the STEM pilot program?

  • Judy Mainord

    I am also interested in information on the STEM Pilot program. I have called Ms. Mannebach but have not received a reply. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I am the secondary supervisor; we think this would benefit our students.

  • JoannH

    It seems like a lot of middle schools and high school are embracing the stem education movement. While I don’t live in Utah I was doing research here in NJ and came across who is offering a new stem program as well.