Teacher of the Year Finalist: Aimee Breinholt

It’s that time again. The Utah State Office of Education will be announcing the 2014 Teacher of the Year award on Oct. 4.

A committee with representatives from the Utah State Board of Education, Utah State Office of Education, principals, superintendents, the Utah PTA, the Utah Education Association and 2013 Utah Teacher of the Year Sara Hacken narrowed the list to five finalists from 23 nominations sent in from local school districts and charter schools.

The application/nomination process included the teacher’s educational background, professional biography, community involvement, philosophy of teaching and three letters of recommendation.

The committee interviews each finalist before selecting the winner, the first runner up and the second runner up.

Here is the first of the five finalists (listed in alphabetical order): Aimee Breinholt

Aimee Breinholt

Aimee Breinholt

School name: Jean Massieu School of the Deaf

Grade level: Kindergarten

Total years of experience: 9

Years in present position: 8


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