Utah AP and SAT Scores and Participation

Utah State Office of EducationUtah Public Schools Increase Participation, Diversity and Scores on AP;
Participation Down, but Scores Up on SAT Exam

Utah public students achieved a remarkable trifecta in the 2013 school year by increasing overall participation in Advanced Placement (AP) exams by more than 8 percent, increasing minority participation in those same exams between 11 and 23 percent, and increasing the overall success rate on the exams by more than 7 percent.

A total of 20,638 Utah public school students took 33,217 AP exams during the 2012-13 school year with 22,398 of those exams earning a score of 3, 4 or 5, which can translate into college credit. This represents an increase of 8.4 percent students taking exams, an 8.7 percent increase in number of exams taken, and a 7.1 percent increase in exams with scores of 3, 4, or 5, the College Board reported today. Utah minority student population also increased its participation rates, the College Board noted. Mexican-American participation increased 10.7 percent, Asian participation increased 19 percent, American Indian 21.1 percent, black 22.5 percent, and Hispanic 23.3 percent. White participation increased 8.5 percent.

Utah public school students earned college credit on AP exams at a rate of 67.4 percent, easily besting the national rate of 56.9 percent.

“It’s very gratifying to see more of our students from a variety of backgrounds opting to voluntarily increase the rigor of their education by participating and succeeding in this program,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Martell Menlove. “This is a measurable step forward in meeting the challenges of helping all Utah students become college and career ready.”

The College Board also reported that Utah public schools saw an 8.3 percent drop in SAT college entrance exam participation in 2013, but saw reading scores increase seven points to 594, a one-point decrease in math scores and a 6-point increase in writing scores over 2012 rates. Utah SAT participation is waning as participation in the ACT exam, the other major college entrance exam, approaches 100 percent. Nationally, the average SAT reading score was 491 (even with 2012 rates), math 503 (down two points), and writing 480 (down one point), the College Board noted.

More information: http://press.collegeboard.org/sat


Top 10 Utah Public High Schools for AP Participation


School                                                                         Test Takers

Davis High School, Kaysville                                                  908

Skyline High School, Holladay                                              685

Alta High School, Sandy                                                        662

Lone Peak High School, Highland                                         651

Hillcrest High School, Midvale                                              626

Park City High School, Park City                                            545

Brighton High School, Cottonwood Heights                        512

Viewmont High School, Bountiful                                         480

Copper Hills High School, West Jordan                               476

Bountiful High School, Bountiful                                            420


 Top 10 Utah Public High Schools for AP Passing Rate


School                                                                       % Tests 3, 4, or 5

Mountain View High School, Orem                                       86.3

Juab High School, Nephi                                                        85.7

North Summit High School, Coalville                                  85.7

Olympus Junior High, Holladay                                             84.8

Bountiful High School, Bountiful                                          83.9

Davis High School, Kaysville                                                  83.5

Piute High School, Junction                                                   83.3

Lone Peak High School, Highland                                          83.1

American Fork High School, American Fork                      80.8

Lehi High School, Lehi                                                              79.9


 Top 10 Utah Public High Schools for SAT Participation


School                                                                         Test Takers

Skyline High School, Holladay                                              123

West High School, Salt Lake City                                           87

Park City High School, Park City                                           66

Brighton High School, Cottonwood Heights                          48

Hillcrest High School, Midvale                                              36

Olympus High School, Holladay                                            31

Alta High School, Sandy                                                      28

Bingham High School, South Jordan                                   22

Davis High School, Kaysville                                                  22

Herriman High School, Herriman                                         22


 Top 10 Utah Public High Schools for SAT Total Average Mean Score


School                                                                                     Score

Logan High School, Logan                                                      2000

Woods Cross High School, Woods Cross                            1985

Clearfield High School, Clearfield                                         1962

Wasatch High School, Heber City                                         1946

West High School, Salt Lake City                                           1929

Davis High School, Kaysville                                                  1885

Timpview High School, Provo                                                1876

Sky View High School, Smithfield                                          1852

American Fork High School, American Fork                           1838

Bountiful High School, Bountiful                                           1831



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