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Photo of three teenage girls sitting in front of a computer screen.In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, plan now to participate in the Hour of Code event December 9-15, 2013. The first annual Hour of Code is a campaign to encourage 10 million students to learn to code.

Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. believed, “Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” The goal of the Hour of Code campaign is to demystify computer science for students across the country.

Through introductory tutorials, that can be completed online, on a smartphone, or even unplugged, students will learn the basics of how to code. is challenging teachers, parents and even employers to encourage students of all ages to participate during Computer Science Education Week.

Participate at your school
Participate in your community
Participate at your workplace

Did you know?
•Software jobs outnumber students 3-to-1.
•The gap is 1 million jobs over 10 years and these are some of the highest paying jobs.
•90 percent of schools in the US do not teach computer science.
•In many countries, computer science is required (China, Vietnam, Estonia. Soon UK, Australia)
•The basics of coding can be learned by anybody, starting in elementary school. But fewer than 10 percent of students try and only 2 percent are women.

There is no need to wait until December 9, 2013 to start learning how to code. Start now by trying out one of the programs listed below:

Khan Academy

“Whether you’re trying to make a lot of money or whether you just want to change the world, computer programming is an incredibly empowering skill to learn, says Hadi Partovi, co-founder and CEO,

To join this event sign up HERE and WATCH what people are saying about the Hour of Code.

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