Rose Park Elementary Needs You

"Megaphon" by Floeschie/CC/flickr

“Megaphon” by Floeschie/CC/flickr

Dear science community,

Rose Park Elementary in Salt Lake City is a finalist for the Select 25 award from Selecthealth. They are one of three organizations that are competing for the final award of $2,500 to support building a new track to help students, families, and community members exercise.

Please help support this community by taking a moment to vote for them via Facebook at:

You can also visit the Select 25 Voting page on Facebook to View Entries to see the other projects as well. Voting ends March 4 at midnight.

Thank you for your consideration and support for this school, and please feel free to share with others in your community.

Sarah Young is a science specialist at the Utah State Office of Education.


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