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"First Day of Summer Reading..." by Fairfax Virginia/CC/flickr

“First Day of Summer Reading…” by Fairfax Virginia/CC/flickr

USOE Partners with MetaMetrics to Offer Free Summer Reading Support Program

The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) in partnership with MetaMetrics, is working to negate the effects of summer learning loss with the “Utah Reads: Find a Book” summer learning initiative.

Students in Utah grow their reading abilities during the academic school year. However, students can slip in their abilities over the summer months. This phenomenon is called “summer learning loss,” and is well documented by researchers throughout the country.

The “Utah Reads: Find a Book” program is specially geared to help stop summer learning loss and is free to Utah students.

Research shows that when students read high-interest, ability appropriate books over the summer, they can actually grow and improve their reading ability. The “Utah Reads: Find a Book,” tool supports and facilitates this research-based solution. This program enables students, educators, and parents to build custom reading lists based on their reading ability, that is on their Lexile® measure, and their personal interests. The tool also enables students, parents and educators to check the availability of books at their local library.

All students are challenged to read every day this summer for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Parents and students are encouraged to visit the “Utah Reads: Find a Book” website and use the site to find book recommendations throughout the summer, all tailored to a student’s interests and Lexile score. If the child’s Lexile score is not known, the site can estimate reading level based on answers to a few simple questions.

Suggested summer reading goals for students based on grade levels are:
• Students in grades K-2: 10 books
• Students in grades 3-5: eight chapter books
• Students in grades 6-12: five fiction books and five nonfiction books

To access the “Utah Reads: Find a Book” program go to:
Information on summer reading loss can be for at the Lexile Summer Reading website or the National Summer Learning Association website.

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