Science Online Course Development

Science Online Course Development Opportunity and Application
Fall 2014

Dear Science Education Community Members,

We are pleased to announce that we have been approved to continue the online science endorsement course development for this fall 2014.  For those who are unfamiliar, I’ve included a brief summary of the project below:

The Utah State Office of Education, in partnership with UEN and SUU, is offering online courses to better meet the needs of those Utah educators who are pursuing their science endorsement, especially those in rural districts. These courses are developed by Utah teachers and community experts to support teaching the Utah Core Standards; building deep content knowledge in science to support instruction; and effective teaching strategies that are best practice to help support student success in college and career.

Visit for more details and available courses for Fall 2014.

We are specifically looking to develop the following new courses over the next several months:

  1. Engineering for Science Educators – (This courses focuses on engineering design principles in relationship to application of science concepts.  The course will be a survey with a focus on connections with the K-12 Framework Science and Engineering Practices.)
  2. Modern Physics – (This course is focused on content learning for post-Newtonian Physics concepts such as quantum mechanics.)
  3. Physical Science for Elementary Educators – (This course will be a professional development course focused on teaching science content in Chemistry and Physics that is specific to UT elementary science core curriculum.)

The stipend for course development is $1,900 per developer for a two person team payable upon acceptance of the completed course.


Timeline of commitments is below:

science online courses


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