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Utah State Office of Education LogoPublic Comment Sought on College and Career Awareness (formerly known as CTE Introduction)

CTE Introduction is a required seventh grade course. In order to facilitate up-to-date knowledge, exploration, and activities, Utah State Office of Education staff, under the direction of then State Superintendent of Public Instruction Menlove, have been working to update the course standards.

The course has undergone a major revision including standards, objectives and indicators, curriculum, and course name. The new name is College and Career Awareness and the focus of the course is career exploration and planning, integration of academics, and project-based learning.

College and Career Awareness provides students with the direction, decision making, and planning needed to explore options for their personal career paths. The program is a year-long course taught by Career and Technical Education teachers. School counselors are involved in teaching important concepts to students and aligning the College and Career Ready Plan.

Students are provided with instruction in career development. The student learning activities provide hands-on, real-world application.

Request for Review and Input
The draft standards for the newly revised course are attached. Stakeholder feedback is requested from all Utah stakeholders with an interest in public education, including superintendents, educators, related service providers, school and district administrators, counselors, parents, advocates, community members, and students.

Please review the document and provide written feedback to Sherry Marchant prior to December 10, 2014.

Timelines and Anticipated Actions
These documents are released for public review the week of November 10, 2014.

At this time, it is anticipated that input received in writing by December 10, 2014 will be reviewed and a summary presented to the State Board, along with any document revisions, at the December 2014 and/or January 2015 State Board meeting.

A copy of the draft standards:

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