Social Studies December Update

Dear Social Studies Community:

I had the great pleasure of reading applications last night for those teachers who wish to take part in the Driven2Teach program, supported by the Larry H. Miller Group and Zion’s bank.  Reading about all the work these teachers are doing was really inspiring.  I hope that if you do not know about the Driven2Teach program, you check it out here:

The only reason you might not know about the program is because you don’t read my blog, so here are some other reminders about why you ought to check out the blog from time to time. While the deadline has passed for this year’s Driven2Teach program, there are still tons of great opportunities for educators.  Click on any of the link to visit the blog:

Also, don’t forget our 2015 Endorsement Courses are up and available for registration.  The positive response and demand for these courses has been really gratifying, so we will continue to try to create more sections and more courses as time and funds allow. On-Line Course Schedule:

Thanks for all you do for Utah students, and have a great holiday break.

Robert Austin is a K-12 Social Studies, International Initiatives, Professional Development specialist at the Utah State Office of Education. 

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