Stanford-Utah Challenge

Students from West High School, Salt Lake Center for Science Education, and Horizonte Training Center will be participating in, a design challenge competition at the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point on Jan. 26-27.

The competition, Design Thinking: The Future of Learning, follows three design teams of 9th grade contestants over six, 28-minute episodes as they take on a design challenge and compete to make a real difference in the lives of Utahans.

Design thinking is a methodology for creative innovation, pioneered at the Silicon Valley design firm IDEO and Stanford University. It’s human-centered, meaning that designers use empathy, a deep understanding of people and their needs, to develop new solutions to the world’s problems. The method has been widely used to bring about innovative change in business, technology and social sectors.

Stanford professor Shelley Goldman, in partnership with Utah State Office of Education’s Christelle Estrada, secondary language arts specialist, have brought design thinking to Utah educators in the past several years.

The Future of Learning will bring this educational innovation to a wider audience which is also supported by Mayor Becker’s and Salt Lake City’s Capital City Initiative in three schools in Salt Lake City: West High, Horizonte Training Center, and Salt Lake Center for Science Education.

The students’ design challenge will center on a topic specifically relevant in Utah. Example topics include food security, access and use of water, air quality needs, or creating spaces for youth. This year’s challenge is based on the needs of a Utah-based biomedical tech firm.

Along the way, viewers will learn about the steps in the design thinking process and the mindsets that go with them.

Stanford-utah Challenge

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