Computer Science Endorsement Opportunity

Computer Science Endorsement Opportunity

High school teachers,

We have an opportunity with Oracle Academy for high school teachers (grades 9-12) to get started on a Computer Science – Level 1 endorsement. With this endorsement you could teach Computer Programming I, Computer Science I, or Computer Science Principles. This online training will get you started towards the endorsement. The will be some additional classes or workshops that will be needed to complete the endorsement.

If your are interested in applying to take the online Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals course so you could start teaching first year computer science or programming classes in your high school and getting started on a CS – Level 1 take a minute to fill out the application. If you are accepted we will give you the additional information to sign-up for the online training.

Before the training starts on March 25th we will have an in person meeting on Tuesday, March 24 in the afternoon. This meeting will give you an overview of the course and let you meet with others that will be taking the class. We will have some follow-up meetings and courses.

Application form (Apply by Friday, January 30th )

Link to schedule:

Link to course description:


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