HB33 Ceremonial Signing

5Gov. Gary Herbert hosted a ceremonial signing of HB33 the American Indian-Alaskan Native Education Amendments, at the Capitol on Monday, March 30.

The bill establishes a 16-member commission, which will submit an American Indian/Alaskan Native State Education Plan to the Utah State Board of Education for adoption.

The purpose of the bill is to improve the relationship of Utah’s Tribal Education and USOE as they develop education services to all American Indian/Alaskan Native students in Utah.

The proposed services are as follows:

  1. Parent participation/ engagement
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Partnerships between Utah Tribal Nations and the Utah State Office of Education
  4. Data sharing information between USOE and Utah Tribal Nations

“All too often, our Native American students lag behind their counterparts in education attainment,” said Gov. Herbert. “HB33 represents a positive first step to closing that achievement gap and ensuring that our Native students have the education and training they need to succeed.”

Present at the signing were Utah State Office of Education American Indian Education Specialist Harold Foster, USOE Educational Director Ann White, House Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council LoRenzo Bates,  council delegate from the Navajo Nation, Davis Filfred, Shirley Silversmith from the Utah Division of Indian Affairs, Stephanie Holly and Clarence Rockwell from the San Juan Navajo Commission. Also present were the two sponsors of the bill Rep. Jack Draxler and Sen. Kevin Van Tassell.

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