Education Bills Ceremonial Signing

Student leaders, teachers and staff welcomed Gov. Gary Herbert to Joel P. Jensen Middle School Wednesday for the ceremonial signing of five education bills.

Present at the April 8 ceremony were: Jordan School District Board of Education members, Jordan School District Superintendent Patrice Johnson, Utah State Board of Education Member Brittney Cummins, Rep. Patrice Arent, Decoding Dyslexia Utah President Karee Atkinson, Sen. Todd Weiler, Rep. Rebecca Edwards and Rep. Rich Cunningham.

Gov. Gary Hebert signs education bills at Joel P. Jensen Middle School.

Gov. Gary Hebert signs education bills at Joel P. Jensen Middle School.

The governor signed:

  • HB198, Strengthening College and Career Readiness. Creates a program to provide grants to LEAs by enhancing the skill level of school counselors to provide college and career counseling. Funds are to be used for payment of fees for courses required to earn the certificate.
  • SB117, Interventions for Reading Difficulties Pilot Program.  This bill creates a pilot program for students at risk for, or experiencing reading difficulties, including dyslexia.
  • SB243, Utah Futures Participation Amendments. This bill modifies the Department of Workforce Services, the State Board of Regents and the State Board of Education’s participation in the Utah Futures program. It also provides a one-time appropriation of $2 million to complete development of a comprehensive website that will benefit Utah students and education providers.
  • HB30 Math Teacher Training Program Amendments. This bill expands the Math Teacher Training Program to allow stipends, professional development, and leadership opportunities to experienced mathematics teachers to assist teachers in becoming teacher leaders (Master Teachers).
  • HB363 School Trust Program Amendments. This bill provides provisions related to the School LAND Trust Program and school community councils. It includes raising the cap on the School Land Trust program from two to three percent of the Minimum School Program allowing schools to receive more money from the interest on trust lands.

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