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In its April 10, 2015 meeting, the Utah State Board of Education:

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Board Releases Draft Grades 6-8 Science Standards for Public Review; K-5 Library Media, Physical Education, Secondary Social Studies and Fine Arts Standards also Move Forward
The Utah State Board of Education voted to release the draft grades 6-8 Science Standards out for 90-day public review. Following public review the teacher writing teams for the standards will convene to respond to the comments and revise the draft standards to present to the Board for final action.

The Board also voted to release the draft K-5 Library Media Standards for 90-day public review. Again the drafting committee will convene after public comment to revise the draft and present it to the Board for final action.

Three other standards review committees sought approval for recommendations as they move forward with review prior to public release of updates. The Board approved recommendations made by standards review committees looking at the following standards:


For Additional Information:

Richard Scott, Science Specialist, at 801-538-7808.

Jennifer Throndsen, Literacy Coordinator, at 801-538-7893.

Linda Mayne, Health and Physical Education Specialist, at 801-538-7734.

Robert Austin, Social Studies Specialist, at 801-538-7575.

Cathy Jensen, Fine Arts Specialist, at 801-538-7793.

Diana Suddreth, Teaching and Learning Director, at 801-538-7739.

Sydnee Dickson, Deputy State Superintendent at 801-538-7515.

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Board Approves Updated Opt-out Rule for State Assessments

The Utah State Board of Education approved amendments to Rule R277-404 Requirement for Assessment of Student Achievement aimed at clarifying the rules and procedures for parents or guardians who wish to opt their public school students out of state tests. Parents or guardians will be asked to fill out an opt-out form at least one day before the test is to be administered.


For Additional Information

Judy Park, Associate Superintendent for Student Services and Federal Programs, at 801-538-7550.

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Board, State Office to Continue Working with N. Sanpete on Delinquent Financials

Financial reports from the North Sanpete School District have been delinquent for two years. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Brad C. Smith asked North Sanpete Board President Richard Brotherson, Superintendent Samuel Ray and Business Administrator Darin Johansen to attend the Utah State Board of Education meeting to answer questions. The Utah State Board of Education indicated that it would direct Utah State Office of Education staff to continue working with North Sanpete on its plan to bring the district’s financials up to date.

Read background on the issue including letters from the State Superintendent, State Auditor and a remedy plan from North Sanpete.

For Additional Information


Natalie Grange, School Finance Director, at 801-538-7668.

Bruce Williams, Associate Superintendent for Business Services at 801-538-7514.

Brad C. Smith, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, at 801-538-7510.


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Board OKs Three New Charter Schools and One Charter Amendment

The Utah State Board of Education approved the following three charter schools for the 2016-17 school year:

  • Wasatch Waldorf Charter School, a proposed K-8 charter school to be located in the Granite Murray, or Salt Lake school district.
  • Franklin Discovery Academy, a proposed K-6 charter school to be located in the Alpine School District.
  • Wallace Stegner Academy, a proposed K-8 charter school to be located in the Salt Lake City School District.

The Board also approved an amendment request from Freedom Preparatory Academy to add a satellite campus in the Alpine School District in the 2016-17 school year serving 720 K-5 students.

The Board did not take action on the following proposed charter schools. The proposals will again be consider by the Utah State Charter School Board before returning to the Utah State Board of Education for any further action:

  • Athlos Academy of Utah, a proposed K-9 charter school to be located in the Jordan School District.
  • St. George Academy, a proposed 9-12 charter school to be located in the Washington School District.
  • American Academy of Innovation, a proposed 6-12 charter school to be located in the Jordan School District.

Read more about the proposed charter schools.


For Additional Information

Marlies Burns, State Charter School Director, at 801-538-7817.


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Board Reviews 2015 Legislative Session

The Utah State Board of Education review both the budget and bills affecting public education from the 2015 General Session of the Utah Legislature.

For Additional Information:

Angie Stallings, Associate Superintendent for Policy and Communication, at 801-538-7550.

Bruce Williams, Associate Superintendent for Business Services, at 801-538-7514.

Sydnee Dickson, Deputy State Superintendent, at 801-538-7515.


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Board Gives Preliminary Approval to Four Rule Changes

The Utah State Board of Education gave preliminary approval to the following rule changes. Final approval will likely come during the Board’s May 8 meeting.


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Board Thanks Reuel’s Art & Frame for Donation to Utah Schools

The Utah State Board of Education recognized the donation of $1.5 million of art materials and supplies by Reuel’s Art & Frame to the schools across the state.

Reuel’s served the art and engineering community from 1932 until early this year. In 1932, just 30 days after the birth of his son, Reuel, Charles Ware opened a blueprint shop and called it Photo Blue. By the 1970s the Ware family had three shops that were called Reuel’s Photo Blue. In 1961, Reuel and Dorothy Ware bought the company and changed the name to Reuel’s Art and Frame. From that time until just recently the business served the art and engineering community with artist supplies, drafting materials and picture frames. Sadly, Reuel passed away in the fall of 2014.

Dorothy Ware, Reuel’s widow, has donated all remaining stock to Utah’s schools through their education foundations. The donation includes over 18,000 different items listed on a manifest of 340 pages. The donation retail value is listed at $1.5 million and occupies 81 pallets. These art supplies will be distributed to districts and charter schools across the state and will undoubtedly find their way to the hands of tens of thousands of children and art students. This will fulfill the wishes of Dorothy and her late husband “to do some good for the teachers and children of Utah.”

Reuel and Dorothy’s granddaughter, Kathleen Ware, represented them at this recognition. Kathleen is filling the dual role of representing the educators who will receive these supplies. She is currently a special education teacher at Copperview Elementary School in the Canyons School District. She has seen first-hand the need for art and art supplies in the schools. Dorothy sends her regrets at not being able to attend today, but is very proud of her granddaughter’s accomplishments and proud that she can represent Reuel and Dorothy today.
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Board Approves Consent Calendar

The Utah State Board of Education approved the consent calendar.


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