Enter SITLA’s Instragram Challenge

#SITLAfunds15 Instragram Challenge

#SITLAfunds15 is an Instagram photo challenge calling for students, parents, teachers, and administrators to show how School LAND Trust Funds are used in their schools. The challenge is co-sponsored by SITLA and the School Children’s Trust at the Utah Office of Education.

Who May Participate:

All Utah K-12 public school administrators, teachers, principals, and students

Contest Dates:

Now through 5 p.m. MST April 30, 2015


Two $1,000 bonus payments to School LAND Trust Funds available. 1) One $1,000 bonus awarded to the Instagram photo with the most likes; and 2) One $1,000 bonus awarded for the judges’ favorite. Selection of the Judges’ Choice will be determined by a panel made up of one representative each from the SITLA Board of Trustees, Utah Board of Education, and SITLA. Photos will be judged on theme relevancy and creativity.

How Does it Work?

Find out how your school is using its School LAND Trust Funds for the 2014-2015 school year.

Unsure? Ask your principal, School Community Council, or view your school’s plan on the School LAND Trust website.

Take a photo that best represents how your school spent its funds. Post it to Instagram with #SITLAfunds15 or email your photo to sitlanews@utah.gov by 5 p.m. MST April 30, 2015. Photos must also include a brief description of how your school used its funds along with the full name of your school.

The School Children’s Trust Office at the Utah Office of Education will present the two winning schools with an additional $1000 in School LAND Trust Funds.

Use of Photos:

By participating in the #SITLAfunds15 Instagram Contest, participants authorize the State of Utah, School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, and Utah Office of Education to use the submitted Instagram photograph in agency advertising, media, promotion, education, and other marketing materials.

Need Inspiration? Check out how Highland High School used #SITLAfunds15


Call or email Deena at 801-538-5102 or deenaloyola@utah.gov






















What are School LAND Trust Funds?

School LAND Trust Funds are interest and dividends from a $2 billion K-12 permanent savings account. Last year, that $2 billion Permanent School Fund earned more than $40 million in interest and dividends – School LAND Trust Funds – for Utah schools.

Each year, the School Children’s Trust Office at the Utah Office of Education distributes the School LAND Trust Funds to individual districts and charter schools based on a per-pupil formula.

Individual schools use their School LAND Trust funds on projects determined by its School Community Council. This council, which includes parents, teachers, and the principal, identifies and discusses their school’s needs and administers the funds accordingly.

Last year, School Community Councils statewide chose to augment teaching staff by allocating $20 million to hire additional teachers and aides. Councils also spent $5 million to purchase computers and other technology. Other schools supported language, tutorial, special needs, music, and other programs.

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