Education News Roundup July 31, 2015

Suicide prevention program aimed at elementary students. Juab High School counselor Derrin Owens nominated to fill House seat vacated by Jon Cox. College Board revises its AP history course and test. Two plays clearly stand out as among the most produced by high schools over the past 80 years. Perhaps surprisingly, neither one is “Waiting for Godot.” All that and more in today’s education news roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup 07-30-15

KSL checks in on Native American students at summer school in Blanding. Standard looks at House Bill 345 on educator misconduct. Sen. Hatch co-sponsors a federal bill on teacher loan assistance. EdSource offers up some interesting interactive graphics with longitudinal and state-comparative data on school finance, student demographics and achievement, and teacher pay. Ninety percent of Colorado’s teachers are white, but only 57 percent of its students. How does the state go about increasing diversity in its teaching workforce? White House urges kids to bring a book to read at the barbershop while they’re waiting in line for a haircut. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: July 29, 2015

Park City High School no longer ranked near the top by U.S. News & World Report. However, another grader, WalletHub, puts Utah’s public school system in the top 20. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: July 28, 2015

Colored pencils

There is follow up on Utah getting its ESEA waiver renewed. School districts are trying to cut back on watering. Education Next poll finds more than two-thirds of Americans support required annual testing in schools. WaPo finds the dreaded “c” word is being used in trying to pass an update to ESEA. The “c” word? Compromise. Study finds that if you really want to hire a quality teacher, wait until there’s a recession. Key and Peele reimagine Sports Center as Teaching Center … y’know, as if teaching mattered as much as sports does. As if. All that and more in today’s education news roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup July 23, 2015

Utah’s ESEA flexibility waiver is approved. Washington County School District is premiering a documentary of its 100-year history. Grand County School District discusses tax increases. An aide to Sen. Alexander says an ESEA reauthorization is coming … but it may not arrive until later in the year. The House begins work on a FERPA overhaul. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundp. . . . → Read More

U.S. Department of Education grants Utah one-year waiver from federal No Child Left Behind provisions

Utah will receive another one-year flexibility waiver from many of the more onerous provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the U.S. Department of Education announced. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: July 22, 2015

Daily Herald profiles two of the teachers in the Larry H. Miller Driven 2 Teach summer program. BYU poli-sci professor Richard Davis discusses the Utah State Board of Education election process; as does Sen. Jackson. Arizona joins Nevada in scramble for more teachers for the new school year. Education Commission of the States looks at homeschooling rules across the U.S. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup 07-21-15

Annie E. Casey Foundation dings Utah for low preschool enrollments in its annual report on childhood wellbeing in the U.S. Senate President Niederhauser and Sen. Osmond to discuss Property Tax Equalization. New York Department of Education issues guidelines on dealing with transgender students. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup . . . → Read More

State Charter School Board Meeting Agenda

The Utah State Charter School Board will be meeting on Wednesday, July 22 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Board Room at the Utah State Office of Education, 250 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City. . . . → Read More