OER Science Textbooks Udpated

We are excited to announce that the Utah Open Educational Resource (OER) science textbooks have been updated for the 2015-16 school year and are all are now available for download on the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) Science website – http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/science/OER.aspx.

New for the 2015-16 OER Science Textbooks:

  • Formatting errors mentioned in the Online Feedback tool have been corrected
  • Font size of textbooks for grades 3 and 4 has been increased
  • Cover pictures have been changed to distinguish this version from previous versions
  • Content for most books has been improved to better align to standards and needs of students
  • Online interactive activities have been added to help learning and instruction

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This is the third year of updates, but for those who are unfamiliar with the project, these are textbooks that have been prepared by Utah teachers and follow the Utah science standards. They are free to download and can be given to students digitally for educational purposes. Some teachers prefer to work 100 percent with the free digital copies by having students access them online, by downloading them to school devices (computers, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.), and/or by having students download them to their personal devices.

For teachers that prefer a printed textbook for their students, the OER textbooks have a creative commons license and can be downloaded for free and printed by your district/school without payment or penalty. Another option for printed and bound hard copies of the OER textbooks is through the CreateSpace.com website which will print the books very inexpensively (about $2.99 – $6.49/book depending on the size). The CreateSpace printed books are bound with a color cover and black and white pages to keep the costs low. If you are interested in ordering printed versions of the OER science textbooks, links are available on the USOE Science OER webpage – http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/science/OER.aspx.

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