Fall 2015 Professional Learning Series Catalog

Welcome to the 2015 Professional Learning Series Fall Course Catalog!

The Utah State of Education is offering a number of courses in various content areas to provide K‐12 educators with opportunities to extend their professional learning. The Professional Learning Series will be primarily offered in an online interface via Utah Education Network (UEN). Interactive webinars, self‐guided modules, and teacher‐facilitated courses are available. Detailed course descriptions are provided to enable educators to make decisions that will best meet your professional learning needs. Prior to reviewing the course offerings, please familiarize yourself with the following details.

  • Participants will be allowed to enroll in only two courses at a time. In our past experience, participants have had difficulty keeping up with coursework when enrolled in more than two courses, please limit your selections to two courses.
  • Most courses will be offered on a recurring basis. This means that if the course you were interested in is full, or there are more than two courses that you are interested in taking, you may be able to take course during the next semester. If a course is over the enrollment capacity, there is a possibility that a second section may be offered.
    Participants will be notified if an additional section will be added. We will do our best to meet teacher demand, but funds are limited.
  • If you enroll in a course that includes interactive webinars, you will most likely be required to have a working microphone to fully participate in the course. A webcam may also be required. When you receive your course invitation, if these are required, you will be notified.

You can find the full 2105 fall catalog and registration information at http://www.uen.org/pls/

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