Back-to-School Numbers

Here are some back-to-school numbers for the Utah public education 2015-2016 school year.


New head count numbers won’t be available in until October, but we are projecting there will be:

  • 630,104 students headed to public schools this year;
  • that’s a 3 percent increase,
  • or an increase of 7,951

We don’t anticipate any dramatic demographic changes over last year. Last year’s demographics:

  • 9 percent white
  • 3 percent Hispanic
  • 2 percent multiracial
  • 7 percent Asian
  • 5 percent Pacific Islander
  • 3 percent Black
  • 1 percent American Indian



 We do not have 2015 data, but in Utah in 2014 there were:



Students will be attending one – or, in some cases, more – of Utah’s 1,077 public schools, which includes 117 charter schools and 18 virtual public schools. There are 8 new district schools and 9 new charter schools this year.





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