2016 Education Bills

Legislative Resources

The Utah State Office of Education has an online resource for members of the public following education in the 2015 Legislative Session.

On this page, you will find:

  • Links to popular resources on the Utah Legislature’s website, such as significant dates, floor reading calendars, committees weekly schedules and more.
  • The http://schoolboard.utah.gov/board-member-bios, with contact information for each Board member, plus the school districts and political districts within their State Board District;
  • Utah State Board of Education Legislative Priorities and Fiscal Note Input;
  • And a Legislative Tracking Sheet, which lists all the education bills we’re tracking (see below), plus short descriptions, the bill’s status at the Legislature and positions taken by key education groups (Utah State Board of Education, Utah School Boards Association/Utah School Superintendents Association, etc.). The Legislative Tracking Sheet will be updated regularly, though not daily, throughout the session.