A to Z Salad Bar at Western Hills

Utah State Office of Education Child Nutrition Programs staff visited Western Hills Elementary for A to Z Salad Bar day on Wednesday, April 13.

The program, which rotates in elementary schools in the Granite School District throughout the year, offers students 26 different fruits and vegetables (one for each letter of the alphabet) choices to go with their lunch.

Granite District and Sodexo Food Service workers greeted students into the lunchroom and encouraged them to give a new fruit or vegetable a try.

“It gives children such a great opportunity to experience fruits and vegetables that they have never been exposed to before,” Carla G. Dalton of Granite District Food Services said. “It is such a delight to see their faces when they first walk in and see all the salad bar stations with the balloons.”

Granite has been offering the program since 2008, covering 10 schools per year. Cathy Horton, food service coordinator at Granite, said the A to Z Salad Bar is also a fun and innovative way to teach students about good nutrition.

“It is a participatory event that sparks students’ interest by allowing them to see, touch, smell, and taste foods that are good for them,” said Horton.

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