Math Grant is now Open

The K-12 Math Instructional Learning Software Grant is now open.

This application will close Friday, June 10th at midnight . As a reminder, the programs listed in the application are ONLY to be used as a supplement and are not intended to replace core classroom instruction.

Things to know before you apply:

  1. This opportunity is only available to Public Educational Institutions (e.g. school districts and charter schools).
  2. The application can only be prepared by the District office or Charter School Administrator; please coordinate your request with the appropriate person at that level.
  3. The legislative funding that is provided for this initiative, while ongoing, is limited.  The STEM AC will strive to meet as many requests for licenses as funding permits.  Applicants can facilitate the STEM AC’s goal of meeting as many requests as possible by giving considerable thought to the needs in their school(s).  Please be very intentional about the product(s) that you request and the number of licenses for that product(s).  The goal is to ask only for what you will use and thus ensure that all licenses will be used at “fidelity” (defined below) and that we reach as many students as possible with the funding that has been provided by the legislature.
  4. For the purposes of this initiative, fidelity is defined as using a given product at a specified level of use.  Each product provider specifies this level of use and it is listed within the online application.
  5. Speaking of fidelity (bullet point 3), each LEA who receives an award will be required to utilize the software with fidelity to be a part of this grant on a continual basis. As a reminder, each product provider specifies what their fidelity measurement is and that information is listed within the online application.
  6. If the product(s) are not being utilized within the first 60 days of the academic year, the awarded licenses will be re-distributed to those who seek additional licenses.  There will be some flexibility for those schools who are year-round or who are not known as “traditional” schools – I will (of course) work with you and your specific situation.
  7. This grant program will be evaluated by Utah State University. As you know, the evaluation is an important component to provide the State of Utah information on the efficacy of the use of this state funding to inform future funding decisions.  LEAs are required to do the following things:
  8. Students must complete an initial (pre-) and end (post-) of year survey that targets math interest (completed online) as part of the evaluation.
  9. Teachers must complete a survey of their satisfaction with the product at the beginning and end of the school year.
  10. LEAs must provide state student identifiers (SSID’s) for all students using licenses awarded by this grant. LEAs will use a template (provided by the evaluator) to organize and submit their data.
  11. Parents must receive a letter of information (provided by the evaluator) that will allow them the opportunity to decline having their child’s data collected as part of this evaluation.
  12. The STEM Action Center will be traveling around the state to offer math product training in August. A little more information is included in the application (and more specific details to follow) but please place these training opportunities on your calendar. The STEM AC will pay educators stipends for attending and (of course) will provide meals!

If you feel that your district and/or school is willing and able to support the STEM Action Center in the requirements and objectives listed above, then please head to our website where you will find the application; The application (request for grants) is called STEM Math Software Application.

Sue Redington is the STEM Action Center Program director. 

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