News Release: Paula Plant Appointed as Interim Director of School Children’s Trust

August 8, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact:              Emilie Wheeler, public information officer

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Paula Plant Appointed as Interim Director of School Children’s Trust

Utah State Board of Education Chair Mark Huntsman authorized the appointment of Paula Plant as interim director of School Children’s Trust Section, effective Aug. 8, 2017. Plant will serve as the interim director until the Utah State Board of Education appoints a new director.

Huntsman has notified the chair of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Board of Trustees nominating committee to begin the recruitment process pursuant to 53A-16-101.6. That process requires the nominating committee to submit one name to the Utah State Board of Education for appointment or denial of the position.

Prior to her appointment as interim director, Plant has served in the School Children’s Trust section as a School Children’s Trust Specialist since June 10, 2013. Prior to that, Plant held a Trainer III position within the section; she began working within School Children’s Trust in 2000.

Plant’s 17-plus years of experience in the School Children’s Trust section and education will ensure a continuing effort to increase the revenue of the trust in order to benefit school children across Utah.

Plant succeeds Tim Donaldson, who submitted his resignation on Aug. 4, 2017.


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