State Board Meeting Summary

In its December 9, 2016 meeting, the Utah State Board of Education: • Elected Mark Huntsman as the next chairman and elected Terryl Warner, Brittney Cummins, and Alisa Ellis as first, second, and third vice chairs respectively. • Adopted the Board’s Charter School Task Force recommendations seeking to clarify the governing roles of the Utah State Board of Education and the Utah State Charter School Board. • Adopted a resolution seeking a single, coherent school accountability system in the state. . . . → Read More

Redistricting will redraw Utah State Board of Education Districts

Current Utah State Board of Education Districts Map

Now that the 2011 legislative general session is over, the Utah Legislature will turn its attention to redistricting. After each census, the political boundaries of the state are redrawn, including the districts for the Utah State Board of Education. . . . → Read More

USBE direct, non-partisan elections bill fails on House floor

"VOTE" by Theresa Thompson/flickr_"Adults in the building: A teachable moment"

A much-anticipated bill granting direct, non-partisan elections for state school board members was defeated in a House vote yesterday. Plus, seven other education bills to watch moved forward in the legislative process. . . . → Read More