Education News Roundup: May 19, 2017

Salt Lake District is offering teachers a 9 percent pay raise. Remember to pay your web domain name fee on time. Dual immersion students now starting to reach high school. KSL looks at who owns Utah, including the land managed by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine issue a new report on CTE. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: May 17, 2017

Voices for Utah Children issues a new report on how children of color are faring in the state. Ed Week wraps up last week’s ed tech conference in Salt Lake. Money being raised through the Park City Education Foundation to help Latino students apply for protections. Congratulations to Carbon Supt. Steve Carlsen who will be the new Box Elder superintendent come July. Utah looks to spend some of its Volkswagen settlement on new school buses. U.S. House committee advances a new CTE bill. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: May 16, 2017

BYU Universe takes a look at Utah’s new American Indian and Alaskan Native pilot program. eSchool News looks at Secretary DeVos’ keynote at ASU+GSV in Salt Lake last week. Wisconsin looks to push career and technical ed. Latest data show fewer criminal incidents being reported in schools nationally. Latest poll shows most Americans know little or nothing about either charter schools or school vouchers. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

What Is an Educated Person?

A blog post from Career and Technical Education: Every year during the fall, educators from Utah gather in a meeting room to discuss and consider the question “What is an educated person?” Those in the room are not really confused about what an educated person really is, but in defining and considering the topic, educators can make progress in learning how to educate others. . . . → Read More

The Hour of Code Event

Photo of three teenage girls sitting in front of a computer screen.

Have you heard of “The Hour of Code.” Here is a post from the Utah Career and Technical Education Blog detailing the event. . . . → Read More

Three ways CTE Helps Graduation Rates

Mary Shumway, State Director of Career and Technical Education

To be ready for life after high school, students first need to graduate. To follow are three often-cited reasons that students drop out (Johnston, J. H. (2010) Dropout Prevention: A Research Brief. Fairfield, CT: Education Partnerships, Inc.,) followed by some examples of ways that Career and Technical Education (CTE) can help prevent students from dropping out. . . . → Read More

The Time to Support and Improve CTE is Now

Mary Shumway, State Director of Career and Technical Education

We are hearing a lot of discussion these days about what is wrong with education and that education needs to be “reformed.” As educational reform takes place, and as education changes to meet the needs of the global economy, Career and Technical Education is a big part of the solution. In a speech recently given by the Secretary of Education, he said: . . . → Read More

Join FFA Members at the State Fair

Photo from

In addition to the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit at the Utah State Fair, throughout the 10 days of the Fair, the FFA Association has numerous agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, and livestock exhibits. . . . → Read More

Corner Canyon High School


Career and Technical Coordinator Wayne Dittmore writes about Canyons School District’s new high school, Corner Canyon. The school will offer a full range of Career and Technical Education classes. . . . → Read More