Academic Skills + Technical Skills + Employability Skills = College and Career Ready

Career and Technical Education has a vital role in strengthening the workforce at both the state and national levels. By assuring the readiness of students for both college and careers, CTE also increases the ability of our state and nation to successfully compete in the global marketplace. . . . → Read More

Being Successful in Today’s Global Environment

I recently read an article detailing the challenge businesses are having today attracting and keeping skilled workers. Businesses are finding that it is not enough to find employees that fit their requirements, but are struggling to keep them. One of the solutions being suggested for companies is to build a career map for their employees. . . . → Read More

Math 1030 Exciting News

What is mathematics?_Diana Suddreth_Utah State Office of Education

An exciting new concurrent enrollment class is available for students in the fall of 2012. The Math 1030 course has been enhanced through a legislatively funded project by providing a hybrid course that gives additional supports for teachers. Being a hybrid course means it will be taught in the classroom with online components. . . . → Read More

Preparing Utah students for college and careers: Why EPAS should replace UBSCT

Utah State Board of Education Member Dave Thomas blogs for "Closing the Achievement Gap"

Utah State Board of Education Member Dave Thomas looks at whether replacing the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test (UBSCT) with ACT’s Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS) is worth the $2 million price tag. To answer this question, he looks to recent studies on the effectiveness of the college and career readiness testing program. . . . → Read More

Summary for May 5, 2011, Utah State Board of Education Meeting

In this meeting, the Utah State Board of Education clarified the maturation program for Utah teachers; helped eight charter schools begin operations, renovate or expand with $1.4 million in loans; and examined the development of Utah’s Public Education Online website. . . . → Read More