Governor Calls Special Session to Address Education Funding Error

The view from the Utah Legislature House gallery

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has issued a call to convene the Utah Legislature in a special session on Wednesday at 3 p.m. Among the issues the Legislature will tackle during the special session is a technical error in the education budget that resulted in a $25 million under-appropriation for the coming school year. . . . → Read More

Restoring MESA Funding State Board Priority

MESA Utah Video_"What is MESA Utah?"

In 2010, the Utah Legislature cut an $8 million line item in the public education budget that funds programs for at-risk students. This line item included funding for MESA Utah. MESA stands for Math Engineering Science Achievement. The purpose of MESA is to increase the number of under-served ethnic minority and female students who pursue coursework, advanced study and careers in the fields of mathematics, engineering and science. . . . → Read More

Gov. Herbert: Common Core not “socialistic” program

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said the Common Core, a set of educational standards developed by the states, is not a “socialistic program foisted upon us by the federal government.” . . . → Read More